Tax Services

No tax return can be adequately completed without listening attentively to each client's facts and goals.

Business Tax Returns

We prepare all business related tax filings from the smallest company to consolidated corporate filings. Limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, corporations (subchapter S and C), are the most common structures for these companies. Other business tax filings we prepare include tax reporting for homeowners associations, commercial activity tax (CAT), sales tax, and occupational taxes.

Personal Tax Returns

Our philosophy is the more you understand the more accurate the tax return reflects your unique tax situation. We recommend an individual consultation to educate the client of all tax strategies and answer any questions that may arise.

Audit Guidance and Representation

We will respond to (represent in person when necessary), all Internal Revenue Service inquires or audits. We provide this service whether or not we prepare the client’s tax return.

Gift, Estate, and Trust Tax Returns

These returns offer many avenues. Planning is very crucial. Whenever the need arises, we will prepare the applicable return.