Leverone & Associates Online Customer Survey

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Please rate the following questions 1-5:

  • 1=Unsatisfactory
  • 2=Below Average
  • 3=Average
  • 4=Above Average
  • 5=Excellent
1. Was the individual who answered the phone courteous, and attentive?
2. If you left a message for someone to return your call, was it returned in a timely manner?
3. Engagements
  Quality Timely
1. Financial Statement
2. Income Tax Returns
3. Payroll Tax Return
4. Response to Notices (IRS, State, etc.)
5. Emails
Other, please clarify
4. Were your questions answered satisfactorily?
5. How would you rate your overall experience with Leverone and Associates, Inc.
6. Please provide any comments, they are extremely helpful.